Going to Mix '07

The weather outside is awesome today. A shame I have to spend it getting ready for the Mix conference in Las Vegas. (but then again, I'm going to Vegas :-)

There's a lot of focus on Microsoft AJAX and SilverLight (formerly known as WPF/E) this year. Both of which I find really interesting technologies for use in Web GIS.

Some of the sessions that I plan to see are:

  • Building Rich Web Experiences using Silverlight and JavaScript for Developers
  • Using Visual Studio Codename "Orcas" to Design and Develop Rich AJAX Enabled Web Sites'
  • Using LINQ to Dramatically Improve Data Driven Development in Web Applications (By my Danish fellow Anders Hejlsberg)
  • Developing ASP.NET AJAX Controls with Silverlight
  • Go Deep with AJAX
  • How to Make AJAX Applications Scream on the Client
  • Navigating the Programmable Web
  • Accessing Data Services in the Cloud

Are you going too?