Submitted my first WinPhone 7 Application

imageI’ve just submitted my first application to the Windows Phone Marketplace. It’s a very simple app that creates a “Guide Post” with signs on a pole showing distances and direction to any point in the world. You have probably seen these at various sites all over the world, or in the TV Show “M*A*S*H”.

It’s all built in Silverlight, and uses PlaneProjection to give give the signs a 3D effect. You use your finger to slider over the screen to rotate it.

In addition to that there’s a Map where you can view your current location and the great circle line (ie. shortest path) between you and the points of interest. This is of course using the ESRI ArcGIS API for Windows Phone that we just released.

Below is a few screenshots and a video clip of the app in action.


GuidePost Screen Capture

It was a great fun little app to build and only took a few evenings to get done. You can download the app to your phone from this link:

Comments (2) -

  • Nice, could you use the compass in the phone to change the rotation of the pole?

    - Thomas
  • Thomas: I could but WinPhone currently doesn't give us access to the compass (we will get that soon though). As soon as that happens I'll update the app. It's just a matter of hooking the compass up to the view model and everything else should just work.

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